Witchkiller "Day Of The Saxons" CD

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1. Day Of The Saxons
2. Riders Of Doom
3. Cry Wolf
4. Beg For Mercy
5. Penance For Past Sins

Witchkiller was a promising Canadian heavy metal band whose members sadly went their separate ways after recording a single 1984 EP entitled Day of the Saxons. Released by Metal Blade, it has since become a collector's favorite, and assured the group - deeply influenced by Judas Priest and Iron Maiden and featuring vocalist Doug Adams, guitarist Kurt Phillips, bassist Todd Pilon, and drummer Steve Batky - a certain cult status in the metal underground. All four members pursued other projects following Witchkiller's demise, but none fared all that well: Adams and Pilow joined forces in a new band named Reckless, Phillips founded Christian metal act Warhag with his wife, and Batky resurfaced as a singer in a group called I Napoleon. - Ed Rivadavia (All Music Guide)

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