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War Curse "Confession" CD

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War Curse "Confession" CD
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01. The Nothing (That Is Me)
02. Fortress of Agony
03. Confession
04. Miracle Broker
05. Power of the Powerless
06. The Convoy
07. Return to Dust
08. Sowing Division
09. Rusty Nail
10. Illusion of Choice

CD Features:
+ Jewel Case CD
+ 8-Page Booklet

Having built a devoted fan base for their thrash-oriented metallic attack starting with 2015's 'Final Days' and cemented with 2019's 'Eradication', War Curse return in 2023 a more refined animal. In fact, it could be argued that the ten tracks of 'Confession' stand as War Curse's Black Album, having the courage to move beyond what they're known for and to focus on songwriting, groove, dynamics and melody, without compromising on muscle one iota. "We experimented with new sounds, old sounds, took in new influences, old influences, and let the songs come together as organically as possible," states guitarist Justin Roth. "We threw away quite a few songs that would be great for another band but didn't feel right for us and where we're heading. As far as our current direction, the music we consume is all over the map, a lot of it way outside of the metal sphere. I hear bands doing new, interesting things with their music and I want to be able to do the same with mine. If I lose my thrash card for it, oh well, I'll hand in my battle vest."

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