Valkyrja "Contamination" CD

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1. Advent...
2. Oceans to Dust
3. Catharsis (Contaminate the Earth)
4. Solstice in Withdrawal
5. Laments of the Destroyed
6. Ambience of the Dead
7. The Womb of Disease
8. Welcoming Worms
9. A Cursed Seed in the World
10. The Adversarial Incentive Within All

Contamination was born the summer of 2009, again in Necromorbus Studio with producer Tore Stjerna. The album marks the expansion of the bestial seal that brands the band's emblem, showing them at their most violent and devious to date. Valkyrja has previously stated that they work to create songs full of ambiences and differences to make each passage a morbid journey, something that Contamination will prove to be an accurate description. The lyrical repulsions carry the proclamations of opposition and the essence of frustration and insanity, the drumming pounds the pulse of sheer violence and the guitars act as razors traveling across the spine. These elements combine as one to surely make Contamination an early metal highlight in 2010.

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