Twitching Tongues

Twitching Tongues "Disharmony" CD

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01. Disharmony
02. Insincerely Yours (Tears & Blood)
03. Asylum Avenue
04. Love Conquers None
05. Insatiable Sin
06. Cannibal
07. Sacrifice Me
08. Arrival
09. The End of Love
10. Cruci-Fiction

Twitching Tongues are the best kind of sore thumb. While channeling a variety of hardcore and metal influences their unique sound is esoteric and resists lazy classification, yet it is equally dynamic, powerful, and instantly gripping. Having dropped two full-lengths, toured extensively and garnered a cult following, the band's third album - and Metal Blade debut - Disharmony sees them truly come into their own. Dramatically building upon the foundations of 2013's In Love There Is No Law, the LA-based quintet pushed themselves both musically and emotionally to create something that is not only fresh and exciting but really matters. "We feel that we've finally written the record we were supposed to make. This is what we've been building up to since we started the band," states vocalist Colin Young. "We've always put everything we've got into our music, but this one is more personal. It's darker, it's more aggressive, and I'm sure it will be more polarizing too, but we're more invested in it than anything we've done before, and we couldn't be prouder of the end result."

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