Trigger The Bloodshed

Trigger The Bloodshed "Purgation" CD

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1. Inception
2. Merciless Ignorance
3. Laceration
4. Rebirth
5. The Defiled
6. Severed
7. Impregnable Miscreation
8. Hollow
9. Lovers
10. Mortuary Walls
11. Violent Elucidation
12. A Wretched Betrayal
13. Retribution
14. The Abortive Becoming
15. Domicile
16. Whited Sepulcher
17. A Perfect Casket

Formed in late 2006 by Rob Purnell and Martyn Evans, Trigger The Bloodshed have been creating some of the most extreme music in Death Metal, forging the new with the old school. Trigger The Bloodshed's blistering blast filled Death Metal is a devastating aural assault earning them the title as the UK's heaviest band.

With a focus solely on composing the heaviest most extreme music possible, Trigger The Bloodshed are not conforming to any trends that are becoming increasingly prevalent within this overcrowded scene and are setting no boundaries for their music. With the writing process coming to a close for their follow up album and a freshly penned partnership with Metal Blade Records, Trigger The Bloodshed are looking to cement their name firmly in the extreme music scene around the world and prove their passion and capabilities for writing devastating Death Metal.

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