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Where the Gloom Becomes Sound T-Shirt Size:

• "Where the Gloom Becomes Sound" Jewel Case CD
• "Where the Gloom Becomes Sound" T-Shirt

Jewel Case CD:
01. In Remembrance
02. Hour of the Wolf
03. Leviathans
04. Dirge of a Dying Soul
05. Lethe
06. Daughter of the Djinn
07. Elementals
08. Inanna
09. Funeral Pyre
10. The Wilderness

Sweden's kings of gothic, deathly metal have returned with a new album, 'Where the Gloom Becomes Sound'. 'Where the Gloom Becomes Sound' is a masterclass in all things tenebrous and creepy. The Swedes have crafted a sonic fingerprint unlike any other by fusing heavy metal, death metal, hard rock, and (Swedish) folk music into what can only be described as the "Tribulation sound."

Throughout 'Where the Gloom Becomes Sound', Tribulation trumpet the sounds of the Other, an electrified double-door to magic, myth, and mystery. Tracks like "In Remembrance," "Hour of the Wolf," "Leviathans," "Inanna," and "The Wilderness" are the five elements, stygian and photophobic in concert. Whereas "Daughter of the Djinn," "Funeral Pyre," "Dirge of a Dying Soul," and piano instrumental "Lethe" are the other five, macabre and wraithlike like a cemetery at 3 a.m. The immaculate production was helmed by Tribulation, producer Jamie Elton, mixing ace Tom Dalgety (Ghost, Rammstein), and mastering star Magnus Lindberg (Lucifer, Dool).

March with Tribulation as they traverse the fuliginous depths and the gleaming outer heavens on 'Where the Gloom Becomes Sound'.

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