The Red Chord

The Red Chord "Fed Through The Teeth Machine" CD

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1. Demoralizer
2. Hour Of Rats
3. Hymns And Crippled Anthems
4. Embarrassment Legacy
5. Tales Of Martyrs And Disappearing Acts
6. Floating Through The Vein
7. Ingest The Ash
8. One Robot To Another
9. Mouthful Of Precious Stones
10. The Ugliest Truth
11. Face Area Solution
12. Sleepless Nights In The Compound

"We've been in this band for over nine years," The Red Chord vocalist Guy Kozowyk said. "Were not the hot shit, of-the-moment band, nor are we the young guns. Were jaded, bitter, old men and we wrote a record that is vicious and heavy because we have a lot to be pissed off about. I am too old to understand or respect a lot of whats going on out there in music. And to be honest, I dont want to get whats going on because it sucks."

Nothing like a little old fashion infuriation and disgust over the recycled, unoriginal and done-to-death landscape to get those creative juices pumping to explosive levels within a musician! While the heavy music scene is flooded and littered with trendy, current fusion bands that string together electronics and mosh and pretend to be as brutal as fuck, The Red Chord arent having any of it. The music on their fourth full-length (and third for Metal Blade), Fed Through the Teeth Machine, is like a hulking hammer that rips and tears at the fabric of all that is trend-driven. But The Red Chord arent making music for that purpose; theyre just good enough to flip off trends and top the bands that perpetrate them. The Massachusetts band which has downsized to a lean n mean four-piece to counteract the bad economy function as a quartet without sacrificing any of their Rottweiler-like ferocity and tenacity - continues to focus on making extreme metal, for extreme people who want something lyrically and musically outside the box and forward thinking and dont want some assembly-line, manufactured, of the moment band in their lives. Put simply: If you want to have your bones reduced to dust and your brain taken out scrambled and put back in by music, then The Red Chord are up for that task with Fed Through the Teeth Machine.

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