The Network

The Network "This Is Your Pig's Portrait" CD

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1. We Are The_Network
2. Faith In Lust
3. Innocent V. State
4. Prison Letters
5. Play Dead
6. Love On The Lips Of A Whore
7. Dead Like You
8. Send Them In
9. Bright Lights, Big City
10. Pig's Portrait
11. Idiot Tender Welcomes
12. Oh, Girls
13. 00:00:56
14. Scream
15. Canon Figure
16. End Transmission

Like most life experiences, The_Network is a learning tool, a means of expressing thoughts and ideas. It is the hand that shapes its members and the mouth that screams at its listeners. The_Network is also a band from NH, a group of five average people searching for meaning in a confusing world. They are five people that believe that life can be better. They also understand that no matter how small an effort is, it is an effort nonetheless, and that all of us average people should make one.

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