The Destro

The Destro "Harmony Of Dischord" CD

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1. Justifiers of Malice
2. Thorns of Truth
3. Pestilence of Deceit
4. Angel Killer
5. Mouth of the Heretic
6. Persistence of Ignorance
7. Dead Eyes Divide
8. Overcome (The Flame)
9. Face Down in Regret

Turning their backs on fashion and ignoring all passing trends, The Destro plows through stereotypes and labels with a sound they can call their own. Singer, Eric, describes, "We just take all our influences which are everything from classic rock and blues to grind's a mixture of what we grew up with." -Guitarist Nick continues- "No fashion, no gimmicks, no fancy haircuts...just honest music. We cut out all the bullshit. This band plays music with soul and we are not here to try and fit into a mold."

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