Tanith "Voyage" CD

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Tanith "Voyage" CD
-Officially licensed Tanith merchandise

01. Snow Tiger
02. Falling Wizard
03. Olympus by Dawn
04. Architects of Time
05. Adrasteia
06. Mother of Exile
07. Seven Moons (Galantia Pt. 2)
08. Flame
09. Never Look Back

CD Features:
+ Jewelcase CD
+ 12-Page Booklet

There is perhaps no band keeping the spirit and sound of 70s hard rock and heavy metal alive more so than Tanith. Formed in 2017, the band embraced that era wholeheartedly, resulting in 2019's aptly titled 'In Another Time', which instantly earned cult status and put them on the map. Now, they return with 'Voyage', picking up where they left off and once again demonstrating their mastery when it comes to this niche. "I wanted more of the same but different in some marginal way," explains vocalist/guitarist Russ Tippins (also of Satan). "Voyage is the sound of the universe speaking to mankind through the medium of Tanith. Or, if you like, twin-guitar heavy rock with dual singers which, if you grew up in the 1970s, will make you want to bounce over to the nearest record store. On a space hopper."

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