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Spock's Beard "Snow" 2xCD

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CD 1
1. Made Alive/Overture
2. Stranger In A Strange Land
3. Long Time Suffering
4. Welcome To NYC
5. Love Beyond Words
6. I'm Sick
7. Devil's Got MY Throat
8. Open Wide The Flood Gates
9. Open The Gates Part 2
10. Solitary Soul
11. Wind At My Back

CD 2
1. 2nd Overture
2. 4th Of July
3. I'm The Guy
4. Reflection
5. Carie
6. Looking For Answers
7. Freak Boy
8. All Is Vanity
9. I'm Dying
10. Freak Boy Part 2
11. Devil's Got My Throat Revisited
12. Snow's Night Out
13. Ryo's Solo
14. I Will Go
15. Made Alive/Wind At My Back

Spock's Beard began in 1992 when brothers Neal (lead vocals) and Al Morse (guitar) teamed up with drummer Nick D'Virgilio. After self-financing their first album, bassist Dave Meros joined, and The Light was recorded in 1994. 1996 saw the band sign with various record labels around the world, in addition to releasing Beware of Darkness, which contains the same style of music, but in shorter pieces (all ten minutes or less, except for the 15-plus-minute last track). Spock's Beard's third studio album, The Kindness of Strangers, was released at the end of 1997; Day for Night followed in 1999 and V was issued a year later. Deciding they had the experience and chops to attempt a concept album, they spent the next few years putting together Snow. - David White (All Music Guide)

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