Sorcerer "Lamenting of the Innocent (Clear Gray Marbled)" 2x12"

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01. Persecution (Intro)
02. The Hammer of Witches
03. Lamenting of the Innocent

04. Institoris
05. Where Spirits Die

06. Deliverance
07. Age of the Damned
08. Condemned

09. Dance with the Devil
10. Path to Perdition

Vinyl Features:
+ Clear Warm Gray Marbled Vinyl
+ Gatefold Jacket
+ Digital Download Card
+ Limited Edition (100 Copies)

Since they first started Sorcerer have been labeled 'epic doom' - a tag that fits but does not define them, and this has never been more evident than on their third full-length 'Lamenting of the Innocent'. "This time out we wanted our sound to grow in every direction and not be limited in what we do," they assert. "We wanted to capture the same vibe as on "The Crowning of the Fire King" (2017) but to also bring something new into it, so this time around, for example, we have some growling parts, and we think we have a pretty diverse album in many different aspects. Some parts are heavier and faster compared to what we've done before while some other parts are softer and more mellow. We wanted our sound to expand in every direction. We don't really think about writing music to sound like Sorcerer, we just make music that we like, but for us it's important to have great melodies, an ambient, big sound, heavy, badass riffs and a big epic chorus; that's a Sorcerer song in a nutshell, at least at this point in time."

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