Sons Of Azrael

Sons Of Azrael "Scouting The Boneyard" CD

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1. Welcome To The World
2. Mr. Macabre
3. Arson & Apathy
4. Scouting The Boneyard
5. The Grand Design
6. A Numbing Flood
7. The Left Hand Path
8. Howl Of The Antichrist
9. Touched By God
10. Frozen In Time

Hailing from the depths of Buffalo, NY... Sons Of Azrael are back and working harder than ever on their crusade of rendering the fakes powerless, keeping the skeptics at bay, and turning heads in countless parts of the country. Turning non believers into strong followers while decimating the boundaries between both the old and new schools of death and thrash metal.

Metal Blade Records item #147862