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Six Feet Under "Killing for Revenge" CD

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Six Feet Under "Killing for Revenge" CD
-Officially licensed Six Feet Under merchandise

01. Know-Nothing Ingrate
02. Accomplice to Evil Deeds
03. Ascension
04. When the Moon Goes Down in Blood
05. Hostility Against Mankind
06. Compulsive
07. Fit of Carnage
08. Neanderthal
09. Judgement Day
10. Bestial Savagery
11. Mass Casualty Murdercide
12. Spoils of War
13. Hair of the Dog

CD Features:
+ Digipak CD
+ 12-Page Booklet

'Killing for Revenge', a gnarly beast of a record that's not for the faint-hearted, dishes up nightmare-inducing imagery courtesy of frontman Chris Barnes via the vocalist's trademark guttural vocals. Both the album title and darkly detailed red-hued album cover by artist Vince Locke are perfect containers for the brutality within. "I chose the title 'Killing for Revenge' after we completed writing and noticed that all the lyrics and storylines had a common theme of revenge. Revenge by human or revenge by nature - or both in the song "Bestial Savagery," which describes the destructive paths of man-made storms," Barnes says. "The album title describes the flow of the stories within the lyrics perfectly."

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