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Six Feet Under "Death Rituals" CD

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1. Death By Machete
2. Involuntary Movement Of Dead Flesh
3. None Will Escape
4. Eulogy For The Undead
5. Seed Of Filth
6. Bastard
7. Into The Crematorium
8. Shot In The Head
9. Killed In Your Sleep
10. Crossroads To Armageddon
11. Ten Deadly Plagues
12. Crossing The River Styx
13. Murder Addiction

Death Rituals, the latest offering from Tampa, FL's Six Feet Under, features 13 tracks of pure American death metal. Tracks like "Death by Machete", "Seed of Filth", "Involuntary Movement of Dead Flesh" and "Shot in the Head" sees the godfathers of groove laden death metal doing what the do best; delivering a bludgeoning slab of metal that will leave fans hungering for more. Legendary death metal vocalist Chris Barnes, along with guitarist Steve Swanson, bass legend Terry Butler, and drummer Greg Gall, continue to follow the dark and demented path that merges what OUTBURN Magazine calls "tried and true death groove" with stomach-turning lyrics and themes.

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