Satan's Wrath

Satan's Wrath "Aeons of Satan's Reign" CD

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01. Only Satan Is Lord
02. Die White Witch Die
03. Archfiend
04. Ecstasies of Sorcery
05. Satan's Blood, Lucifer's Fire
06. All of Us Witches
07. Lives of the Necromancers
08. Aeons of Satan's Reign

Horrifying screams of the chosen few awakened SATAN'S WRATH once more. Blood soaked armies of evil swear that only Satan is lord and march to our satanic war!

Die!!!! White witch die!!!! Echoes through abysmal crypts as the high priest drives the dagger in the heart of the infidels. We are nothing - slaves and minions of the archfiend.

Only the hideous horned master of our sabbaths can lead us to ecstasies of sorcery. Only there you can drink Satan's blood and burn by lucifers fire, only there you will find us - us - all of us witches. Hidden by the World and daylight, born again and again through centuries of terror, to live lives of the necromancers - we shall never die. Our galloping blasphemy lead us now to aeons of satan's reign.

Formed in 2011 by Tas Danazoglou & Stamos K, SATAN'S WRATH deal in a style of heavy metal music which harks back to the times when the death, black and thrash genres were all considered one in the same and only leather, spikes and bullets were real!

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