Sanhedrin "Lights On (Grey Brown Vinyl)" 12"

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Sanhedrin "Lights On" 12" Vinyl
-Officially licensed Sanhedrin merchandise

01. Correction
02. Lights On
03. Lost at Sea
04. Change Takes Forever

05. Code Blue
06. Scythian Women
07. Hero's End
08. Death Is a Door

Vinyl Features:
+ Clear Grey / Brown Marbled Vinyl
+ Single Jacket
+ 4-Page Color Insert
+ Digital Download Card
+ Limited Edition European Import

Brooklyn power trio Sanhedrin do metal the old school way, channeling the greats that preceded them to create something that is instantly familiar yet with a new, modern energy to it. With 2019's 'The Poisoner' they branched out, exploring new avenues and hitting home with every effort, all the while staying true to themselves. Now they return with 'Lights On', their most accomplished effort to date. "We want to satisfy ourselves with music that we are proud to present to the world. That's the overall plan with every record we have made," states vocalist/bassist Erica Stoltz. Adds drummer Nathan Honor, "hoping it would likely reach the widest audience of any of our work thus far, it was important that we further refined our sound and pulled out all the stops. These songs are a collection of feelings of loss, uncertainty, hope, fear, anger and a deep examination of the human condition. The music draws from our deep and varied influences and is presented in a fashion that is unabashedly Sanhedrin."

**Actual vinyl color may differ from mock**

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