Romans "All Those Wrists" CD

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1. The Last Fifty-Eight Quatrains of The Seventh Century
2. Nail, Nail, Nail
3. All Those Wrists
4. Manbeam
5. Tidepool
6. Towing Anchors
7. Depths
8. Smear Merchant
9. All The Sons Are Fading
10. Carve Up and Give Away
11. Tiny Bomb
12. Something To Do With Death

Recorded and mixed by Gonyea, and produced by the band, All Those Wrists" is more than just a hardcore/metal record. While the chaotic speed of Converge, heavy ambiance of Isis, space-rock of Failure and Cave In, and the balls-out rock of Queens of The Stone Age can be heard; Romans choose to play without limitations. Rather than define themselves by genres, "All Those Wrists" showcases the bands focus: song writing and structure over style.

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