Psyopus "Odd Senses" CD

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1. 0.44
2. Medusa
3. The Burning Halo
4. Duct Tape Smile
5. X And Y
6. Boogeyman
7. Imogen's Puzzle Pt. 3
8. Choker Chain
9. Ms. Shyflower
10. A Murder To Child
11. Untitled

Continuing in the spirit of their two previous releases (Ideas of Reference (2004) & Our Puzzling Encounters Considered (2007)), Odd Senses perpetuates the Psyopus mission statement of reinventing and expanding the boundaries of extreme music and attempting to rejuvenate the hearts and minds of its listeners.

The lyrics cover subject matters such as possession, co-dependency, abuse, torture, panic, hatred, and the shattering of one's ego, gender, and sanity. The music explores all ranges from controlled noise, stop-on-a-dime melodic precision, extreme manipulation of expectations, innovative techniques, miserable drama, and blinding intensity. With over an hour of music, Odd Senses taps into one part cutting edge tech metal album, one part Pig Destroyer EP, one part chamber ensemble and five parts LSD hang over, all adding up to what the band believes to be as an unprecedented interpretation of extreme music's possibilities. Sonically, the amalgam of genres and subgenres, ranging from jazz to metal and beyond, will no doubt garner the admiration of music aficionados and metal heads alike.

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