Primordial "Spirit The Earth Aflame (Reissue)" 2xCD

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CD 1
1. Spirit the Earth Aflame
2. Gods To The Godless
3. The Soul Must Sleep
4. The Burning Season
5. Glorious Dawn
6. The Cruel Sea
7. Children of the Harvest
8. To Enter Pagan

CD 2
1. The Darkest Flame
2. In Graciousness (Live)
3. The Black Art (Live)
4. Total Destruction (Live)
5. Inside the Eye of Algond (Live)
6. To Enter Pagan
7. The Calling
8. Among the Lazarae
9. Soul Must Sleep (Live)

It's hard to put the PRIMORDIAL experience into words. This Irish band has managed to establish their own territory, away from the cliches of the metal scene in general and the pagan scene in particular. PRIMORDIAL live and breathe the spirit of their ancestors, putting it into captivating creations full of sorrow and pain on the one hand and confidence and strength on the other. Perfectly balanced between slow, dragging anthems and pure metallic fury, they always manage to create a world full of enthralling myths, where mist engulfs wonderful landscapes, only to reveal them in all their glory just at the right time.

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