Premonitions of War

Premonitions of War "Glorified Dirt & The True Face Of Panic" CD

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1. Glorified Dirt
2. Foolish
3. Marathon
4. Illiad (Hector's End)
5. Time For Iron
6. Not A Word
7. The True Face Of Panic
8. Correspondences
9. Best Day Ever
10. Abomination
11. Hanging Man
12. A Minor Correction
13. I'd Settle For Sleep

The force of underground hardcore extremists PREMONITIONS OF WAR cannot be measured without a rector scale. Tirelessly plowing their way through every town, big or small, in the U.S. with the likes of, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, MORBID ANGEL, THE RED CHORD and countless others, PREMONITIONS OF WAR have every right to re-visit the humble sonic beginnings that make them one of the most revered band's in the underground scene today. This release celebrates the first recording of PREMONTIONS OF WAR with their new line-up and is a collection of songs re-recorded in March 2005 that were initially available on the self-released EP Glorified Dirt in 2000. This special recording also contains the rare, out of print album The True Face of Panic initially released in 2002 on Goodfellow Records.

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