Pentagram "Last Rites" CD

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01. Treat Me Right
02. Call the Man
03. Into the Ground
04. 8
05. Everything's Turning to Night
06. Windmills and Chimes
07. American Dream
08. Walk in Blue Light
09. Horseman
10. Death in 1st Person
11. Nothing Left
12. All Your Sins - Reprise

In the fall of 2010, a 3 album deal with the historic metal label, Metal Blade Records was announced! Last Rites, the album Liebling had been dreaming of for ages was announced for release in the spring of 2011 and will once again include Griffin's nephew and PENTAGRAM alumni, Turley, with the latest addition being new drummer Albert Born. Also penned for release was a DVD featuring the entire set at 2010's Maryland Death Fest! To top it all off, a 40th Anniversary gig was scheduled for January of 2011.

PENTAGRAM has proved time and time again that giving up is not an option. With the strongest lineup yet, a clean and sober Liebling, and 12 new tracks of pure classic metal coming to fans via Last Rites, PENTAGRAM are poised to conquer the masses and claim their rightful throne atop the metal mountain.

Metal Blade Records item #149812