Paria "Misanthropos" CD

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1. Misanthropos
2. The Absurdity Of Solace
3. A Modernist Approach To...
4. ...Human Error
5. Seeds Planted In Concrete
6. A Torn Instance
7. 9 Years
8. Dancing To The Sound Of Screams
9. 93rd And Paddock And Road

With the current state of heavy music existing in what seems to be a vacuum, never straying far from the expected, Paria exists as a vehicle for those willing to take chances. At times oppressive, at others sublime, this foursome crosses the arbitrary boundaries created by the faint of heart in order to create a world ex nihilo intended to be explored by the listener and never simply heard. Background music this is not. In order to fully perceive the tapestry woven by Paria the listener must do his part in becoming an active participant through listening. After signing with Black Market Activities and performing alongside such bands as Everytime I Die, The Dillinger Escape Plan, As I Lay Dying, Animosity, and others Paria released their debut full length.

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