Neaera "Forging The Eclipse" CD

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1. The Forging
2. Heaven's Descent
3. In Defiance
4. Eight Thousand Sorrows Deep
5. Arise Black Vengeance
6. Rubikon
7. Sirens of Black
8. Certitude
9. Exaltation
10. Tyranny of Want
11. The Prophecy
12. And to Posterity a Plague

After having finished songwriting for a new record on tour, Neaera didn't lose any time. The recording session for their fifth album was planned immediately. "Forging The Eclipse" was produced by Alexander Dietz, NEAER's man of trust, with German producing legend Andy Classen handling the drums in his Stage One Studio. The mix was done by Tue Madsen in his Antfarm Studio.

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