Mother Feather

Mother Feather "Constellation Baby" 12"

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01. Red Hot Metal
02. Man, I Wish You Were Here
03. ICU
04. Snakebite
05. Desert Island

06. Constellation Baby
07. Totally Awesome
08. Shake Your Magic 8 Ball
09. Supernatural
10. I Blow a Kiss

Vinyl Features:
+ Black Vinyl
+ Single Jacket
+ Limited to 250 Copies

Having set New York City and beyond ablaze with their live wire shows, a string of EPs, and their 2016 self-titled debut on Metal Blade Records, Mother Feather return with Constellation Baby - definitively restating their position as one of the most exciting and unique rock & roll acts on the circuit. This is deeply felt NYC rock & roll as it should be: towering riffs and now-or-never urgency, bolstered by pop precision and purity of mission.

Metal Blade Records Item #156191
Code: MotherFeather-2018