Machinemade God

Machinemade God "The Infinity Complex" CD

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1. Teeth Vs. Curb
2. Losses To Lessons
3. Bleeding From Within
4. Downpour Of Emptiness
5. Friendster Is Sooo Two Months Ago
6. Kiss Me Now Kill Me Later
7. Butterfly Coma
8. Your Own Fault
9. Forever Gone
10. Injected Smiles
11. Angel Wings
12. Fuck Your Dead Heart
13. Snow White

Hailing from Europe's most densely populated region, Germany's Rhein-Ruhr area, a place that has spawned many a great hardcore band in the past, Machinemade God combine the genre's most effective elements with extremely aggressive mosh parts, catchy hook lines, and melodies that will make your heart bleed.

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