Lik "Carnage (Clear Black Vinyl)" 12"

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01. To Kill
02. Rid You of Your Flesh
03. Celebration of the Twisted
04. Dr Duschanka
05. Left to Die

06. Cannibalistic Infancy
07. Death Cult
08. The Deranged
09. Only Death Is Left Alive
10. Embrace the End

Vinyl Features:
+ Clear / Black Marble Vinyl
+ Single Jacket w/ Insert
+ A1 Size Poster (23" x 33")
+ Digital Download Card
+ European Import (Limited to 200 Copies)

In the dirt where fallen idols lay to rest, the maggots and seeds in 2014 spawned a new creation. This took the ugly form of LIK, which fittingly means corpse in Swedish. An un-dead creation which offers a plate of savory old school death metal. Walking the earth for three cold winters, and with the first offer named 'Mass Funeral Evocation' in October 2015, it'll have a sister released in 2018. Through iconic Metal Blade Records, 'Carnage' will reach even further in the quest to spread the beauty of imperfection.

Metal Blade Records Item #155826
Code: LIK-Carnage-2018