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King's X "Manic Moonlight" CD

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1. Believe
2. Manic Moonlight
3. Yeah
4. False Alarm
5. Static
6. Skeptical Winds
7. The Other Side
8. Vegetable
9. Jenna
10. Water Ceremony

After the relatively eccentric Please Come Home...Mr. Bulbous, King's X returned with the most confidently organic and groove-based record of their career. Manic Moonlight, the Texas trio's ninth album, is the sound of a band who has vented their demons and come to terms with themselves. This can be credited to several factors: for one, the band has been creating music in a low-pressure environment since finding sanctuary in the supportive indie label Metal Blade in 1998 (following nearly a decade-long sentence in major-label hell). For another, Ty Tabor and Doug Pinnick have both satisfied some of their extracurricular creative impulses with solo albums and other projects, which has contributed to the band's freshness and newfound ability to write collaboratively (which they have done since the wonderfully cathartic Tape Head album in 1998). (

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