King Of Asgard

King Of Asgard "Fi'mbulvintr" CD

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1. Intro
2. Einharjar
3. Vamods Tale
4. The Last Journey
5. Never Will You Know of Flesh Again
6. Wrath of the Gods
7. Snake Tongue
8. Brethren of the North
9. Day of Sorrow
10. Lingering a Sacred Ground
11. Heroes Brigade
12. Strike of the Hammer
13. Fi'mbulvintr

KING OF ASGARD was formed in 2008 by Karl Beckman. He teamed up with long time absent fellow worker, Karsten Larsson, a former accomplice in the defunct viking horde, Mithotyn. As a result, after years apart, the decision was made to go back to their roots both musically as well as heading for their Norse heritage in lyrical approach.

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