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Keygen Church "Nel Nome Del Codice" CD

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Keygen Church "Nel Nome Del Codice" CD
-Officially licensed Keygen Church merchandise

01. Se Hai Timore Del Vero
02. La Chiave Del Mio Amor
03. Sulla Via Della Gloria
04. Nel Nome Del Codice
05. Lode Al Disco Sacro
06. Il Paradiso Dell'Anima
07. La Voce Del Destino
08. Che Sia Vita O Morte
09. Sempre Nel Mio Pensiero

CD Features:
+ Jewel Case
+ 8-Page Booklet

Keygen Church, the brainchild of technologist/songwriter Victor Love (Vittorio D'Amore), have digitized their new album, 'Nel Nome Del Codice', for Metal Blade Records. Love, also of 8-bit phenoms Master Boot Record (MBR), is a one-person outfit, writing and recording via undisclosed real-time stream events, where the dedicated (and lucky) bear witness to Keygen Church's spontaneous creative process. Like previous alt code/text art-titled albums, 'Nel Nome Del Codice' is a modern-primitive love letter to doom/gothic/black metal with foundations in Baroque-era Classical and Romantic-era music. This time, however, Love has refined his sonic tool kit - "the complete set of sounds," he says - the aftereffect of which is computerized big-hall libations like "La Chiave Del Mio Amor," "Nel Nome Del Codice," and "Lode Al Disco Sacro."

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