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1. Eskia Tu Daemonia (feat. Alex Nagle)
2. The Intense (feat. Evan Moore)
3. New York, Yeah Scranton (feat. Jerry Jones)
4. Colon Cleanse Your Sins (feat. Jesse Korman)
5. Trampled By Horns (feat. Chris Alfano)
6. Festering (feat. Evan Moore)
7. Outlast Robinsum (feat. Tommy Rogers)
8. Anomaly Detected: Supernova Remnant N 63A (feat. Travis Weinand & Jason Herrmann)
9. The Pit of Hands (feat. Chris Alfano)
10. Man Crusher (feat. Robert Meadows)
11. Time Killer Shitter (feat. Jesse Korman)
12. The Church Forever (feat. Jerry Jones)
13. Anomaly Reached: Supernova Remnant N 63A (feat. Travis Weinand)
14. I Gave Up (feat. Robert Meadows)
15. Axis Mundi (feat. Ruston Grosse)
16. I'm a Wisdom (feat. Tommy Rogers)

INTENSUS can be described in one word: INTENSE. It is a visceral experience with a strong and unique artistic vision. Each vocalist brings his own brand of intensity to the album, making for a varied, yet flowing musical journey. Songs range from short, violent bursts of grind and death metal to crushing doom grooves, complex tech metal to experimental noise freak outs. This is an album unlike anything ever created before.

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