In Battle

In Battle "Welcome To The Battlefield" CD

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1. Shunned By Life
2. Madness In The Realm Of War
3. Eldjättar
4. Scorched World
5. Soul Metamorphosis
6. Despoter
7. Serpents
8. The Blood Divine
9. Stonefaced Mountains
10. King God
11. Mass Produced Hybrid Humans

Welcome to the Battlefield" contains 11 songs of true aggression and boiling adrenaline. The production from famous guitarist of ex MORBID ANGEL/HATE ETERNAL came out excellent and fit this album perfectly. As Rutan said...Hey guy's do you know how good this sounds? This is a fucking killer man, I'm proud to be a part of this album". Erik Rutan did a awesome job with the sound; every little tone from the guitars, drums, etc came out in this great production. This piece of work is just something you all got to have... so welcome to the battlefield...enjoy your stay.

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