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Harms Way "Common Suffering (Clear Smoke Vinyl)" 12"

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Harms Way "Common Suffering" 12" Vinyl
-Officially licensed Harms Way merchandise

01. Silent Wolf
02. Denial
03. Hollow Cry
04. Devour
05. Undertow (feat. King Woman)

06. Heaven's Call
07. Cyanide
08. Terrorizer
09. Sadist Guilt
10. Wanderer

Vinyl Features:
+ Clear Smoke Vinyl
+ Gatefold Jacket
+ Printed Inner Sleeve
+ Digital Download Card

Since 2006, Harm's Way has evolved from whispered underground favorites to favorite sons with an arsenal of songs that helped shape heavy music's trajectory - creating a roadmap for legions of copycats interested in "reinventing" themselves. But there is only one Harm's Way. One that has never stayed complacent and constantly morphed shape - absorbing and reapplying influences in new and creative ways to create some of the most well-executed songs in heavy music. And yet, considering the changeling that they and their previous efforts are, "Common Suffering" is easily the most musically diverse undertaking in their catalog, and their most impressive. To be clear - "Common Suffering" shifts the paradigm for heavy music and is a modern classic in wait.

**Actual vinyl color may differ from mock**

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