Gwar "Phallus in Wonderland" DVD

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01. Opening Credits
02. Crack in the Egg
03. Spread the Disease
04. Court
05. Capturing the 'Fish'
06. Not a Fish!
07. Flying to America
08. Mom & the Iron
09. Gwar Surreal Kids
10. Have You Seen Me?
11. Activating the Morality Squad
12. Bohab Busted
13. Cuttlefish Escapes
14. Gwar Protest
15. The Road Behind
16. Colombian Airlift
17. Reunited
18. The Morality Squad
19. Dick Cox Checks Out
20. Triumph & Glory
21. Gor-Gor
22. Ham on the Bone / Ending Credits

DVD Special Features:
- Instant Scene Access -
- Option to Play Songs Only -
- Curtain Call -

The world's most disturbingly repulsive Rock 'n' Roll band is in trouble. Representatives of the government, the clergy, and the health care communities have banded together to censor GWAR's activities in America. Their covert organization, the self-appointed morality squad, has captured GWAR "member" The Cuttlefish of Cthulu and put it on trial for obscenity. Witness the capture and initiation of a GWAR slave as he follows them from their home in Antarctica on a mission of death and destruction to save their compatriot. Watch as GWAR embraces the decadent lifestyle under the leadership of Sleazy P. Martini and inadvertently unleash untold horrors on capitalist America in the name of freedom of sexpression.

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