Gozu "Remedy" CD

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Gozu "Remedy" CD
-Officially licensed Gozu merchandise

01. Tom Cruise Control
02. CLDZ
03. Rambo 2
04. Joe Don Baker
05. Pillow Talk
06. The Magnificent Muraco
07. Ben Gazzara Loves No One
08. Ash
09. The Handler

CD Features:
+ Jewelcase CD
+ 6-Page Booklet

It only takes a few seconds exposure to the rolling riffs of opening track "Tom Cruise Control" to be reminded that this is Gozu's world, we're just living in it. Given that it has been five years since the Boston quartet dropped the monstrous 'Equilibrium', returning with 'Remedy' is one hell of a way to make sure that everyone - whether previously familiar with them or otherwise - realizes that they are perhaps the most badass of American rock bands, for they have taken everything to the next level. "There is a certain maturity mixed with a childlike enthusiasm to play music, and we all are better players now than on Equilibrium," says vocalist/guitarist Marc Gaffney. "We have all really tried to look at what we enjoy but more what we do not enjoy. Playing music is a gift and when it becomes A Nightmare On Elm St Part 37.3, you are done." The result is nine tracks of their signature combination of fuzzy 70s inspired riffs, rich, catchy, grunge-esque vocal melodies and a touch of old school trippy psychedelia written and played with the utmost passion and enthusiasm, eclipsing everything else in their catalog. "The band wanted a very heavy groove-oriented album with singalong choruses. We also wanted sonically to hit you in the chest, like a three-combination, left-right-left, like Micky Ward. Harmonies and melodies were something we really looked at and wanted to shine, and thick guitar tones, driving bass and drums were under the microscope."

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