Evocation "Dead Calm Chaos" CD

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01. In the Reign of Chaos
02. Silence Sleep
03. Angel of Torment
04. Boundead
05. Dead Calm Chaos
06. Truth Will Come Clear
07. Dust
08. Protected By What Gods
09. Antidote
10. Tomorrow Has No Sunrise
11. Astray Masquerade
12. Razored to the Bone

In October 2008 EVOCATION released the second full length album "Dead Calm Chaos" which was recorded and mixed in the newly built EVOCATION Studio. DCC saw guest appearances of Anders Bjorler from At The Gates / The Haunted and Dan Swano from Bloodbath / Edge of Sanity. Artwork and layout was made by Travis Smith (Slayer, Opeth etc.). The album was hailed all over Europe and earned #1 position on soundchecks in Germany (Legacy Mag) and Sweden (Close-Up).

Metal Blade Records item #151222