Evergreen Terrace

Evergreen Terrace "Almost Home" CD

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01. Enemy Sex
02. Almost Home (III)
03. God Rocky, Is This Your Face?
04. We're Always Losing Blood
05. Sending Signals
06. Mario Speedwagon
07. Failure To Operate
08. Hopelessly Hopeless
09. The Letdown
10. I'm A Bulletproof Tiger
11. Not Good Enough

Hailing from Jacksonville, FL, Evergreen Terrace has been blazing their path through the melodic hardcore style for close to a decade now. Anchored by guitar player/vocalist Craig Chaneys clean singing and catchy hooks, punctuated by lead singer Andrew Carey's vicious screamed vocals, the five-piece band never depended on anyone but themselves to push their band forward. Rounding out the lineup alongside Andrew and Craig is Joshua James (guitar), Caleb JAmes (drums), and currently Chris Andrews (formerly of Stretch Arm Strong) as the bassist. Continuing their blistering combination of melodic hardcore, metal and punk-rock strains, Evergreen Terrace has gone back to their roots for Almost Home. Josh James adds, "I think this record will surprise the new listeners as well as have the old ones stoked. I'd say its best described as a good mixture of (previous albums) Burned Alive by Time and Wolfbiker."

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