Epidemic "Decameron" 12"

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01. Circle of Fools
02. Insanity Plea
03. Vision Divine
04. Hate
05. Unknown
06. Live Your Death

07. Factor Red
08. Blown Doors
09. Territories
10. Tornado
11. Three Witches
12. Lord War

Vinyl Features:
+ Single Jacket
+ Black & White Insert
+ Limited Edition (500 Copies: 200 Black, 150 Red, 150 Beer)

For the first time on vinyl, Decameron is the crushing and very underrated second album from San Francisco Bay thrash metal band Epidemic. It was released in 1992 and is considered by many fans as Epidemic's best work.

The band went on a two week East Coast tour with Malevolent Creation and Suffocation in December 1992 to support it, and eight weeks later headed out on a nationwide tour with Cannibal Corpse and Unleashed in early 1993. Epidemic gained considerable exposure as well as experience, as this was what they thought was the beginning of their touring years.

This amazing gem of death / thrash metal features original artwork supplied by the original - now famous artist - Dave McKean, and includes a 2-sided insert with classic band photos, lyrics featuring the complete and correct lyrics to "Lord War", and new liner notes by lead vocalist Carl Fulli.

Metal Blade Records item #140021