Entrails "Obliteration" CD

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01. No Cross Left Unturned
02. Epitome of Death
03. Beyond the Flesh
04. The Grotesque
05. Obliterate
06. Skulls
07. Midnight Coffin
08. Bonestorm
09. Abyss of Corpses
10. Re-Animation of the Dead

ENTRAILS were officially signed by Metal Blade Records in March of 2012. ENTRAILS played numerous festival shows in the summer (like Party.San and Summer Breeze a.o.) and started recording the album in September in Jimmy's own studio. The recordings were finished by the end of the year and the material got sent to Dan Swanö once again for mixing and mastering. "Raging Death" finally got released in May of 2013.

After the release Pontus Samuelsson replaced Mathias Nilsson on guitars and the band became more focused than before. Jimmy moved his studio into the woodshed where it all began in the 90's. The new/old surrounding inspired Jimmy to write material like never before, several songs were written during the fall of 2013. One of the new songs ended up on a 7", "Berzerk", that was released in January of 2014 via Metal Blade. The B-side featured a cover song of Swedish Heavy Metal legends Heavy Load.

ENTRAILS did some shows in the UK, played great festivals like Maryland Deathfest and Stonehenge in the Netherlands and released the "Resurrected from the grave - Demo collection" in the summer. The album containted the two demos from 2009 ("Reborn" & "Human Decay") in a nice packaging. Meanwhile in Sweden Jimmy worked for a few more weeks on his studio, some more space was added so the drums could be recorded easier and by this the "Bloodshed Studios" were complete. Rehearsals for the new album began and recordings started on the 22nd of December, 2014. The band finished the recordings mid-January and once more Dan Swanö mixed and mastered the album entitled "Obliteration".

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