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1. Monster
2. Alone
3. Falling Star
4. Taste
5. I Don't Need
6. Teach Me
7. Bear Your Cross
8. Tree Of Life
9. You're Awake

With their 1999 debut, RAY ALDER, JOEY VERA, BERNIE VERSAILLES and PETE PARADA, collectively ENGINE, unleashed on the music community an album that had the critics and the fans rocking back on their heals in astonishment. ENGINE’s self-titled debut was an album that was unlike anything at the time while fitting squarely into what was about to happen in popular heavy music. No one expected the Fates Warning vocalist to do something so drastically different from what he had done for ten years with the progressive metal outfit. ENGINE’s debut was a thick, groove laden Rock record, which, while dropping enormous bass bombs and groove grenades, saw Ray’s trademark silky vocal delivery transformed into an emotive beast of power, control and unequaled range.

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