Endseeker "Mount Carcass" CD

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01. Unholy Rites
02. Merciless Tide
03. Bloodline
04. Mount Carcass
05. Count the Dead
06. Cult
07. Moribund
08. Frantic Redemption
09. Escape from New York

Having become one of the premier German death metal bands - and rapidly rising the ranks of the genre as a whole - Endseeker storm back into the fray with 'Mount Carcass'. Building on the groundwork laid down on 2017's 'Flesh Hammer Prophecy' and having the difficult task of besting 2019's stunning 'The Harvest' they have returned with a streamlined, powerful collection that further raises the bar. "The title - and the lyrics of the song it's drawn from - is a metaphor for our modern society, using the image of the ascent of Mount Everest," state the band. "We're living in a crazy world driven by the hunt for money, success and recognition, lead by elected madmen. It's a time of political change and global challenges full of uncertainty, and a constant threat to our comfort zones."

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