Disillusion "Gloria" CD

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1. The Black Sea
2. Dread It
3. Don't Go Any Further
4. Avalanche
5. Gloria
6. Aerophobic
7. The Hole We Are In
8. Save The Past
9. Lava
10. Too Many Broken Cease Fires
11. Untiefen

Huge music with a huge character, it's an effective mix of pulsating, marching rhythms and dramatic quiet parts. DISILLUSION have dismissed their past dream world and taken a huge step forward. Welcome to today. Warm and vital, bursting with energy, beautiful, powerful and always unpredictable, the band turns their visions into music. The listener is engulfed in an emotional maelstrom of rage, fear and passion, by vocals that are highly energetic yet disturbingly casual. There is something hiding behind all this cynical nonchalance bleeding hearts and uncertain dangers.

This overwhelming dichotomy of tempest and melody, groove and dynamics, beat and bombast, pathos and coolness is turned into great songs as if there wasn't an easier thing in the world to do. One godly chorus here, one brutal riff there, and off we go with the next hook. What a joy! What a fire!

The band worked on "GLORIA" for 18 long and changeful months searching, arguing, testing and going mad in one word: writing. Recording and mixing was quickly done within an insane four weeks. The album was mastered in Portland by Grammy collector Adam Ayan, who has already set the levels for NINE INCH NAILS and A PERFECT CIRCLE, among many others.

It's a fact that this album will surprise people and amaze them at the same time. Through their bold experimentation, DISILLUSION have managed to write true anthems, which are undeniably deep as well as truly modern.

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