Death Ray Vision

Death Ray Vision "No Mercy from Electric Eyes" CD

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Death Ray Vision "No Mercy from Electric Eyes" CD
-Officially licensed Death Ray Vision merchandise

01. Behead the King
02. In Unholy Water
03. From the Rafters
04. Reaper
05. Premature Evisceration
06. Praise the War Machine
07. Broken Hands of God
08. An Iron Age
09. Armageddon Is the Answer
10. O Great Destroyer
11. Crawl Forth the Cowards
12. End Me

CD Features:
+ 4-Panel Digipak
+ 8-Page Booklet

Birthed at the juncture where hardcore and punk meet metal, Death Ray Vision hit their stride with the soon to be classic third full-length, 'No Mercy From Electric Eyes'. "Every record we get a little more experimental, flirting with different styles and feels, and we want to keep expanding on that," says guitarist and founding member Pete Cortese. "My favorite element of this band is the creative freedom, not being painted into a corner, and I like to think at the end everything still sounds like us." This very much stands true on 'No Mercy From Electric Eyes', which holds onto the core DRV sound while pushing in new directions, creating their most immersive release to date.

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