Crimfall "Amain" CD

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01. Eschaton
02. The Last of Stands
03. Ten Winters Apart, Pt. 1: Far from Any Fate
04. Ten Winters Apart, Pt. 2: Song of Mourn
05. Ten Winters Apart, Pt. 3: Sunder the Seventh Seal
06. Ten Winters Apart, Pt. 4: Dawn Without a Sun
07. Mother of Unbelievers
08. It's a Long Road
09. Wayward Verities
10. Until Falls the Rain
11. Ten Winters Apart (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)
12. Kunnes Sade Saa (Bonus Track)
13. Writ of Pitchfork (Bonus Track)

Wearing many a mask, Crimfall's cinemascopic metal eludes easy descriptions. Harsh influences from their northern homeland and its violent roots meet echoes of black metal, but it is all iced with epic orchestration and symphonic soundtrack atmosphere. The melodies convey soundscapes of majesty and long lost histories as the interplay of Mikko's demonic screams and Helena's heavenly vocals bring forth the raw despair and beauty, painting contrasts with a heavy hand as seasons of war cycle in their unforgiving descending spiral.

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