Cognitive "Abhorrence (Gilded Abyss Vinyl)" 12"

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Cognitive "Abhorrence" 12" Vinyl
-Officially licensed Cognitive merchandise

01. Abhorrence
02. Insidious
03. A Pact Unholy
04. Ivory Tower
05. As the Light Fades

06. Savor the Suffering
07. Containment Breach
08. Rorschach
09. Lunar Psychopathy
10. Cold Dead Hands

Vinyl Features:
+ Gilded Abyss Vinyl
+ Single Jacket
+ 2-Sided Insert
+ Digital Download Card

Technical death metal troupe Cognitive are back with 'Abhorrence', their fifth full length album and a tremendously worthy successor to 2021's 'Malevolent Thoughts of a Hastened Extinction'. This is the New Jersey powerhouse quintet at its brutal best - unrelenting riffs leave the listener stunned, while a wave of thoughtful, devastating lyrics washes over. The album is a turbulent, draining but ultimately fulfilling experience.

**Actual vinyl color may differ from mock**

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