Cataract "Kingdom" CD

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1. Kingdom's Rise
2. War Of Cultures
3. On This Graveyard
4. Denial Of Life
5. Tongues Spitting Hate
6. March With Your Battleforce
7. Sacrificed For The Wealth
8. Definition Of Sacred
9. Legions At The Gates
10. Unforgotten
11. For Their Sins

Since the formation in mid 1998, Cataract have been on a continuous rise, evolving from a project band into one of Switzerland's premiere metal outfits and one of Europe's constant parameters of the much discussed metalcore genre.

After two full length albums and various other releases on small but nonetheless highly respected underground labels like Ferret and LifeForce, signing to Metal Blade Recordings in 2004 took the band a giant step further and is the perfect home for this hard working, non compromising unit. "With Triumph Comes Loss", their debut full length on Metal Blade, ended up being the bands most acclaimed release so far, blasting through the world's stereo systems and having the band playing shows all over Europe.

In February 2006, Cataract once again entered Tue Madsen's Antfarm Studios to record the follow up to their furious first full length release on Metal Blade "Kingdom" hit stores in May 2006. Blessed with a crushing sound, 11 tracks of the band's own characteristic style will unleash their rage upon the listener. This release is taking the band even further towards where they always belonged to: storming, violent, still hardcore influenced metal in the vein of Slayer, Bolt Thrower, Hatebreed and the likes.

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