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Brimstone Coven "Black Magic" CD

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01. Black Magic
02. Black Unicorn
03. Beyond the Astral
04. As We Fall
05. Upon the Mountain
06. Slow Death
07. The Seers
08. The Plague
09. Forsaken
10. The Eldest Tree

Black Magic was mostly written over a year period - with some tracks harkening back to the origins of Brimstone Coven - against a backdrop of candles, incense, solitude, and a thick air of ganja. Not one to get lost in their own rarified air however, Brimstone Coven went into the studio in 2015 to capture their third full-length at D'Cagna's Sacred Sound Studios in Ohio. "That's where we've went for the other albums," Williams recollects. "Professional atmosphere, but still has a 'club house'-type feel. Stress free. Andrew produced the albums and we all contributed ideas and changes. Andrew does great work on anything that rolls into the studio. Since he's in the band, knows the flow/feel of the material, and has 16 years of producing under his belt, it really makes the process come together quickly."

With songs like "Black Unicorn", "Beyond the Astral", "Upon the Mountain", and "The Eldest Tree", Black Magic is destined to rule. Not only because Brimstone Coven can sing their bloody hearts out either. This is an album that's hard to forget. It begs to be played, over and over. The strange allure is there, as if Brimstone Coven are summoning from the depths, while at the same time giving a wink and a nod to the Phantasm and Suspiria themes. If there's one thing Roth wants fans to walk away with after experiencing Black Magic it's this: "I would love for them to feel as if they've taken a journey to places unknown, within their own minds and a strong desire to return often. Behold. Believe."

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