Born From Pain

Born From Pain "War" CD

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1. Relentless
2. Behind Enemy Lines
3. Stop At Nothing
4. Bury Me Fighting
5. Crusader
6. Grey Life
7. The War Is On
8. Scorched Earth
9. Eyes Of The World
10. Doomsday Clock
11. Iron Will

Over the years the sound of BORN FROM PAIN has always kept its trademarks and backbone intact; brutal groove, murderous fast riffing and a feeling for most aggressive breakdowns, never giving in to trends that have come and gone in heavy music over the years. BORN FROM PAIN has always felt that spewing lyrics that represent feelings of anger, frustration, melancholy and social criticism, works best over riffs that hit you like a steamroller at full speed. The band strongly signals a feeling of stand-up, honest, straight forward authenticity to the world in a stagnant metal and hardcore scene, which the band feels is ever so important in music nowadays.

BORN FROM PAIN are not, and never were, in this to win a prize for the trendiest or coolest band, but to express feelings harbored by many in our scene, expressing the anger towards daily life, social unrest, emotional hardship and the murder of the world as we know it. Negativity, anger and frustration are feelings that no one can hold back in this day and age, but we can try and turn it around to make things better at least on a personal level.

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