Born From Pain

Born From Pain "Sands Of Time" CD

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1. Death And The City
2. Day Of The Scorpio
3. Under These Skies
4. Stainless
5. Black Gold
6. The Longest Day
7. Harvest
8. Never Return
9. Rising Tide
10. Here Lies Civilization

One of Holland's most respected metallic hardcore bands, Born from Pain was created in 1997 by former members of Feeding the Fire, Point of No Return, Backdraft, and Wheel of Progress, and has toured frequently while recording releases like 1998's Immortality EP, 1999's Sands of Time, 2003's Reclaiming the Crown, and 2005's In Love with the End. Naturally, the band experienced a few membership changes over the years (though not nearly as many as most underground bands), yet still included founding musicians Ché Snelting (vocals) and Rob Franssen (bass/vocals) alongside more recently arrived guitarists Domink Stammen, Karl Fieldhouse, and drummer Roel Klomp upon the release of 2006's War album. - Eduardo Rivadavia (All Music Guide)

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