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1. Lie Awake
2. G.U.T
3. Multiverse
4. End of Infinity
5. Transfection
6. Clean Room
7. Currents
8. Traveler
9. Ego Machine
10. Being No One
11. Entanglement
12. Mindsteps

Progressive metallers BELIEVER are back with their 5th full length album titled Transhuman, which will be released via Metal Blade Records on April 12, 2011. Mixed by Kevin Gutierrez at Assembly Line Studios, mastered by Maor Appelbaum and produced by Trauma Team Productions, Transhuman focuses on Transhumanist thought. The World Transhumanist Association (WTA) provides two definitions for Transhumanism:

1. The intellectual and cultural movement that affirms the possibility and desirability of fundamentally improving the human condition through applied reason, especially by developing and making widely available technologies to eliminate aging and to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.

2. The study of the ramifications, promises, and potential dangers of technologies that will enable us to overcome fundamental human limitations, and the related study of the ethical matters involved in developing and using such technologies.

In terms of the album�s concept and lyrical content, the overall theme of the album was inspired by these Transhumanist philosophies. �In general, we explored lyrical themes relating to what it means to be human � especially what it means to be human in the age of technology. We also received inspiration from Dr. Ginger Campbell�s Brain Science Podcast (, which explores recent discoveries in neuroscience. Several songs were inspired by Dr. Thomas Metzinger�s scientific research and philosophical study of consciousness and the self� comments the band.

Musically, the band experimented with the integration of more melody and dynamics into the BELIEVER sound. They also incorporated melodic vocals and layered vocal harmonies. The band elaborates; �after decades of experience, we are still very interested in growing as musicians, songwriters and producers. With Transhuman, our focus was on songwriting rather than just showcasing speed and technicality. BELIEVER fans expect the band to forge new paths with each album.� Transhuman does just that and shows one of technical metal�s pioneering and genre-defining bands at its creative peak.� So as with all BELIEVER albums, Transhuman is definitely another distinctive release for the Pennsylvania thrashers.

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